Visual identity, Sofee
Sofee is a carbonated coffee beverage produced in California. I worked together with an entrepreneur to design a logo and general brand identity that felt simple, sophisticated, and modern so he could begin packaging a branded drink.
Full logo:
Mood board
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Submarks / Design Elements:
The "Bloom"
This design element serves as the signature hallmark for the brand. I wanted to create something that paid homage to not only the silky flavor profile of coffee but also to the unique carbonated nature. The bloom adds depth and motion to the design and subtly tells the story of what's inside the can. 
Illustration exploration
I explored a few styles of illustration and ultimately went with the top row. I found that the bottom row look great standing alone, but in combination with the rest of the brand elements, it gave too much of a "rustic" or "by hand" feel. I wanted a cleaner look that might appeal more to an eclectic consumer and I felt the top row provided that. 
Can artwork:
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