Computational Engineering International, Inc. (CEI) develops high-end post processing and visualization tools for computer-aided engineering, most popularly known for their product, EnSight. Their innovative and powerful software was in need of a fresh rebrand so during my time at FatCat Strategies, I worked alongside the company to create a contemporary and original look so customers would be attracted and trust that their products were, in fact, cutting-edge and reliable.
To keep CEI's corporate identity neutral and sophisticated, I added a serif font and used greys and whites. Other colors are used to differentiate the branding of their specific products (which you will see if you keep scrolling).
CEI sells a family of software programs that all work as different tools for visualization of computational fluid dynamics (CFD) data. The four products are named EnSight, EnVision, EnVideo, and EnVe. Part of the rebrand was to create a family of logos that can easily be applied and created for current and future CEI products. The icons act as representations of the specific software program and are easily applied to different digital mediums, i.e., desktop icons. I used color and shape to differentiate the products but the lines and circles of each logo pay homage to the corporate CEI logo as well as the function of the specific software program.