Corporate initiative rollout
This project acted as a way for MicroMass Communications to roll out their Core Values internally to the entire company. I worked alongside creative directors, designers, copywriters, and others in leadership roles to devise a plan and execute the presentations. After long hours of brainstorms and meetings, the Core Values came to life using a theme related to outer space that was a play on exploration, navigating together, and having fun. The animated videos, illustrations, and other visuals were all designed and constructed by myself. Other Art Directors were involved by handing off preliminary sketches and mood boards to help inform the design while copywriters handled all of the content.
The challenge in creating these animations and illustrations was that I didn’t want it to feel too childish, or juvenile, as it was all being used to present to a large group of coworkers in the agency. I desaturated the color palette to help mature the designs and used noisy textures and typography as a nod to retro yesteryear. Throughout the designs, you will see a mark that resembles a talk bubble—for context, that talk bubble is part of MicroMass' logo. 

Motion graphic videos
The first video acted a “teaser” video that was sent out to the company to watch beforehand. The rest were implemented into the presentation and paired with each  Core Value as they were unveiled. 
The sketches (in blue) were handed off by another Art Director and I took care of the vector illustrations.  
Presentation design
A preview of how most of the slides were designed, in no particular order. 
Two 24"X36" posters for the week prior of the rollout and the week of.
Other Credits:
Creative Direction: Greg Dosmann
Art Direction: Isaac Collar, Laura Slipsky
Copywriting: Ashley Jones, Kim Zdanowicz

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